Do We Know Each Other?

Columbian Ground Squirrels, Banff National Park, Canada, 2010, taken by Martha Wiggins

Columbian Ground Squirrels, Banff National Park, Canada, 2010, taken by Martha Wiggins

In this age of instant everything relationships too have become instant on and instant off.  Just a click away to letting all know one is ‘in’ a relationship or now ‘single’.  With the intimate technology of facebook, and the not really intimate very public fast paced technology of twitter, it is much easier than ever before to renew an old friendship or make a new one with someone across the continent or around the globe.  In fact, we have the ability to become a voyeur in almost anyone’s personal business, if they allow us to do so, and often even if they don’t.  We can look up criminal records of neighbors or fellow employees.  We can look up how much someone sold or bought their house for, and even do a virtual drive by with an address and google street view maps!  Because our lives have become more and more open to public scrutiny, we may often find ouselves knowing more about someone than we really want to, or should.

While we can know a lot about someone, actually knowing them, knowing who they really are, is a different matter.  It takes time and effort, not just clicking ‘Like’ on every single one of someone’s status updates on facebook.  Don’t get me wrong, facebook is a wonderful way to keep in touch and share with our family and friends.  There isn’t enough time in our busy lives to physically reach out and touch everyone, so internet hugs and smiles can bridge a time gap and keep us connected until our next face to face meet up.  I also believe, because of facebook, there are more birthday wishes and prayers being said for others than ever before.  That is a good thing, unless we begin to hide from real life behind our mouse!

To know someone in depth we must communicate.  We must not only listen, but we mush share.  That takes time, even on the Internet.  I have several friends on facebook that I have never physically met.  We became friends because of common links we were commenting on and found things we had in common with each other personally.  Because I share my spiritual journal on facebook, most of them are my friends spiritually.

Most of my spiritual friends are of different faiths from me, so one might wonder do we really know each other?  I think so.  We are willing to take the time necessary to read and comment on each others posts or writings, and I am sure our comments or posts give us food for reflection and bring us to a closer relationship with God as a result.  We respect each other’s faiths and desires to share Jesus with all.  We learn from each other.  Because we have come to know each other’s spirits, I can say we KNOW each other.

Yes, to know someone, you must get to know their spirit.  To know someone you must give your time, not only sharing yourself but listening too.  It is in the back and forth communications that we come to know them, to know their spirit.  Is it any different with Jesus? I think not.  To know Him we must take time to share, to listen, to learn, and to communicate back and forth with Him, with His Spirit.  When we do so, we can then say we KNOW Him.  We know His spirit.  We know Him as our personal Lord and Savior.

I am thankful for my spiritual facebook friends, the ones I know personally, and the ones I KNOW spiritually.  May God bless us all as we work together for His greater glory and to make Him KNOWN to all.

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