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  1. A little about me …
    By the Grace of God:  I am Catholic; married 43 years; mother of 3 grown children; grandmother of 3; an artist; an inspired writer; and an earthly being on my orbital path around the celestial body of God!

A little more about me …  I am in love with life!  I also love beautiful art; the sound of fingers sliding across guitar strings; lyrics that make my heart sing, smile, laugh, cry, etc.; old movies, and in my next life, I want to dance!

My personal Mission Statement… 2017 – To reclaim my birthright as a child of God, through self-awareness, self-discipline, and a renewed openness to the leadings and inspirations of the Holy Spirit; and in so reclaiming, embrace all I am to become through Him, in Him, and with Him, to once again fully understand that I am ever in Him and He is ever in me.

2016 – To seek the virtue of humility, placing all others before self gratification, offering the merits and graces of all that I do and become to Holy Mary, Mother of God, to use as she sees fit, to bring glory and honor to her beloved Son, Jesus Christ, forever.

2015Lord, I plan to know You more, to love You more, to serve You more, through our most holy Mother, Mary, that I can better become the person You created me to be, reaping no other reward than Your greater glory and your holy love.

2014None (What a mistake!)

2013 To maintain Stillness, asking to learn humility from Jesus at the foot of His Cross; to learn sacrifice by offering all that I am in service to His Holy Name invoking the Holy Spirit to take all that I am not and perfect me; to consecrate myself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary that I may humbly reflect them all. (In a nutshell: to learn humility)

2012To redouble my efforts to keep Stillness before God at the forefront of my spiritual relationship with Him, that I may gain the necessary knowledge and discernment to go forth in what is mine to do, using each of my talent gifts to joyfully reflect His Glory that all might come to know Him.

2011 – To continue time in prayer and stillness before God discerning what is mine to do, that I may live within His plan for my life spiritually, physically, and financially; to discover and develop fully my creative talents that I may share His love joyfully and reflect His Glory to all.

2010To add stillness to my prayer time becoming more infused with God, that I may heed His voice to live according to His plan within my financial means; to share His love for all through my joyful spirit; and to use my creative talents to reflect His Glory.


What  to  expect …  This is a simple site based on a simple faith, mine.  I  have a very simple view of life and faith and that is what you will get here … honest, heartfelt commentary.  While my own beliefs and opinions are rooted in Catholicism, I do believe one will find much here that transcends to all Christians.  It is my goal to provide inspiration for all.  My hope is to point you to The Way, The Truth, and The Life; to facilitate the encounter with Christ, Our Lord and Savior.  May He bless my efforts to do so, and your efforts to find Him.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Pet Peeve …  I think it is terribly unfair that every time the name Martha is
used in old movies it is to portray an old maid, a fat housekeeper, a doddering old fool, or some other undesirable character!


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