June, 2010

Journey Through The Stillness – June, 2010

June 1, 2010 – It is Jesus of The Sacred Heart before me today.  My heart is sorely aching with the nearness of His.  He says to me, “Dear Daughter of mine, tell EVERYONE that as I love you, I also love and long for them.  Tell those who SPURN and MOCK Me, that it is for them that I died on The Cross; that I long to dwell IN them with love and mercy.  Tell them that the evil one dwells in them and IS the contempt they feel for ME.  If they but glance toward Me I will grant them mercy so that they may come to love Me, and when they do, the evil one in them cannot survive.  Daughter, tell those who do not KNOW Me, that I AM.  I am the One who created them, who longs for them, who loves them.  Tell them I AM.  I am the ONLY ONE who can save them from the evil one.  Tell them without Me they are naught.  Tell them I AM.

June 2, 2010 – Before The Stillness, as I prayed The Divine Mercy Chaplet with arms extended, (now a part of my daily routine), my heart was saying to Our Lord, “Not for me, Lord.  I give up my reward for this to those souls in need.”  My heart ached, and I knew He was pleased with the idea that my prayers not only be linked with all the Angels and Saints, through His Sacred Heart and Holy Passion, but that in giving up my own reward there was absolutely no “self” in my prayer.  AFTER this I read in St. Margaret Mary’s biography,  “… thou must no longer lay claim to whatever thou mayest do or suffer, either to increase thy merits or to make satisfaction by penance or otherwise since everything is sacrificed in favor of charity.”

          As this was the first time I had ever thought of offering up my own reward, and then read about exactly that immediately after, there is no doubt that this is a God-incidence, and an affirmation that He is pleased when we become totally selfless. 

          In The Stillness He comes and cradles me in the fetal position in His arms.  I am enwrapped in Love.  He says, “I know your concerns, Martha.  Just leave them here with Me.” 

June 3, 2010 – I am on the plane with my Dad, who is napping beside me.  I go into The Stillness and He is there right away.  I am seeing Him floating in the air in front of me with His hand up and His Sacred Heart exposed.  He says “This is good, Martha, that you can come to me anywhere, anytime, even up in the sky on a plane!”  I am thinking how appropriate that today He is floating in the air and I am on a plane.  My heart is fiercely aching and then I realize it is because His Sacred Heart is SO near.  He says, “Peace be with you and your Dad.  Let US go with him and spread joy!  I am with you.”  I say, “Thank you, My Lord, for this loving gift you have blessed us both with.  All glory and praise are yours.”

 June 4, 2010 – I am in my hotel room. For some reason this was not as simple as on the plane.  Distractions want to creep in.  He says, “Come, lay your head upon my Heart.  From it draw your strength and love; take all you need for this day.  I am the source of all life; the energy to live and move and breathe.  Without Me you will wither and fade away.  Think of Me as your recharging station to which you must come often to sustain power.”  He is smiling at this.  The Stillness is over.

 June 5, 2010 – Jesus encases both of my hands in His and brings them to His chest.  He says, “Martha, you are my joy!”  Before I can speak, I realize the Devil has come and is trying to break into my thoughts.  In my mind I call upon my Guardian Angel to stop him so I can concentrate on what is good; Jesus.  At once I see a being with wings circling around us and the Devil is gone!  I go down on one knee before my Lord and say, “Jesus, You are MY joy.  I cannot live without your joy in my heart.”  Jesus says, “This is good, Martha.  Be on guard and do not let it be taken from you by anyone or any thing.  Live in this joy.  Go out into the world and shine in OUR glory.”

 June 6, 2010 – Today I am tired even first thing this morning.  My mind does not cooperate and my eyes are heavy.  Forgive, My Lord, and grant me your presence throughout this day with my Dad in Maine.  Help me to be the person you want me to be and to also be on fire for love of you.

 June 7, 2010 – Jesus is sitting at a right angle to me.  He folds His hands over mine and says, “Your path is your path and no one else’s.  That is why I do not always let you see all those who you do (or do not) have an effect on.  I have given all a free will to choose Me, or not to choose Me.  It cannot be forced.  If I were to always let you know who you have an effect on, you would try to control.  You are to share your love and joy with all, giving the glory to Me.  The rest is up to Me, and them.” 

     I am in awe that on this trip to Maine I have been presented with several opportunities to share about my “Journey Through The Stillness” and invite them to come along.  Through You, Jesus, I have found comfort, strength, and courage to be able to openly share about my journey with anyone!  All praise and glory are yours!

 June 8, 2010 – I am having a hard time today, as I am tired from the trip toMaine.  He lets me know that this is okay and, sitting in front of me, allows me to lean on Him.  He understands everything there is about me and knows exactly what my needs are.  He loves me and wants me to be refreshed so that we can go forward.

 June 9, 2010 – Again, as on the plane June 3rd, He is floating before me with His hand up in the air and His Sacred Heart exposed.  I feel I am drifting off and He calls me back saying, “You must pull yourself within, Martha, to that place where I am.”  He then holds out His Sacred Heart to me in His hand and says, “This is My Heart that I have placed within you.  You are my harbor from which I can go in and out freely and move amongst souls, just as I did in the past, as one of them.  We live and breathe within each other, Martha.  Do not become complacent or careless with my gift.  Continue to seek out those souls I want, and share with them as prompted by Me.  Remember, always, to bring people to you with your smile; keep them there with my Love.  In other words, invite them to share your journey.  When they do, it is my Love written in your pages that will keep them there.  All are hungry, Martha, continue to feed my sheep.”

 June 10, 2010 – Today I am questioning.  I am letting doubts creep in.  I ask His forgiveness and ask if it would be possible to have another sign to assure me that what I think to be true is an actual fact, that I do have His Sacred Heart within me.  It has been since March 20th.  As time goes by I begin to think that possibly I am mistaken.  Why would He ever give His Most Sacred Heart to me!  I enter into The Stillness and Jesus says, “Martha, Martha, how many times must I tell you, prove to you, and reassure you.  You think because every single minute you cannot feel IT in you, that it cannot be real, that you have imagined it.  Yes, all this does take place in your mind, Martha, but it is not you imagining it.  It is ME putting it there.  Remember I told you it is not about feeling, but about being.  You are my vessel.  I need you to put my thoughts, in your mind, into the physical realm so they can take hold in other’s hearts.  This is not just for the future, but for the here and now.  Remember I said to reference and document because you will be made to prove these writings.  You are going to speak on my behalf, but just as with Moses my Spirit will give you the words.  Don’t be discouraged, don’t take this all for granted, and don’t be complacent!  You are a hope for souls in the present by sharing this now.  You are a hope for souls who have already left this world because of your prayers, praise and offerings.  And, you are a hope for the future because, when all of this comes to Light, many souls will be drawn to Me.  You must not doubt.  You must continue.  I am your shield.

 June 11, 2010 – Feast of The Sacred Heart – This morning I have an appointment and cannot enter into The Stillness.  I ask if it is okay to come back later and He immediately responds, “Yes, comeback.”

     This afternoon I enter into The Stillness and He is there once again as the familiar Sacred Heart image with His hand up and His Heart Exposed.  He says, “Martha, touch My Heart.”  I say that I can’t.  That I don’t want to because I shouldn’t in my state of unworthiness.  He says, “You must.”  I reach out my hand slowly toward His heart and as I get closer I begin to cry.  Then, just as I am about to touch it, I abruptly pull back my hand, cringing, crying, and feeling very hot!  Again, He says, “You must.  You have my Heart within you and you must know what it feels like to love so intensely you would give everything up.”  Again, I reach out, ever so slowly.  Just as I am there again, He places His hand over mine and presses it to Him.  With His other hand He reaches out and touches my heart.  An intense ache deep within me spreads throughout my entire upper body.  Slowly He removes His hand and then begins to press my upper body forward, as in a previous Stillness.  I feel so heavy, all my strength is gone.  I cannot lift up if I want to.  Slowly, slowly I am bent completely over with my face now on my knees, and still aching within.  It seems like an eternity before He begins to lift my upper body back up just as slowly as He took it down.  I feel as if I have been crushed by a heavy burden.  I have no energy, now will power.  I just keep sitting there, even though I know it is finished.  I offer all that I am, all that I have ever been, and all that I ever will be, if He will but love me.

 June 13, 2010 – Preface: Yesterday there was no time in The Stillness as we had to spend the entire day in Orlando for car repairs.  While there, my Dad needed to be taken to the hospital, which my brother, Mark handled beautifully in my absence.  I have always said I hate doctor’s offices, hospitals, and emergency rooms, but love the people I am there for!  Jesus chose to spare me this time.  I thank Him, and Mark.  However, my heart ached that I wasn’t there.

          Today, before The Stillness, I feel the need to ask forgiveness for my sins, and as usual, the tears flow.  In The Stillness it is Jesus, exposing His Sacred Heart again.  I feel that He is about to wipe away my tears, and I say, “No, Lord, you must not.  I just read about how you wiped away the tears of Saint Margaret Mary and I know people will then say this was all in my mind.  Jesus says, “Yesterday, (actually 6/11) I allowed you to experience the strength, depth, and intensity of my love; a love so strong I gave my life.  Today I want you to know how mercifully and lovingly I forgive.  If you will not allow Me to wipe your tears, then your aching heart will have to suffice.  I have placed my Heart within you so that not only will you love others as I do, and so that you will forgive not only others, but also yourself, as I DO.  My love and forgiveness know no bounds, and neither can yours.

 June 14, 2010 – Jesus comes to me today and links His arm through mine.  We are taking another walk.  As we come to a fork, He leads me down one path.  After a minute we come to a place where the path is no longer discernible.  It is covered with brambles and branches through which there could be no passage.  He simply turns us back, and at the fork, we take the other path.  After a moment we come to water, but we keep right on walking through it.  It is waist deep.  On the other side the path is clear and appears to go on forever.  I notice that it is getting hard to breathe.  I am anxious.  Jesus says, “It is okay, Martha, be calm.  I led you on the first path to show you that the way was unmistakably blocked from passage.  I brought you down this path and through the water as a lesson.  I will always make your path clear, Martha.  There may be a few obstacles along the way such as the water we passed through.  But I am with you.  If you try to find your way through the path of brambles you will have nothing but pain and frustration, never reaching or seeing the end. If you follow Me along the clear path, even though We wade through waist deep water at times, you will always be able to continue on and find the clear path again.  There are lessons and accomplishments along the way, but My Way is clear because I am there with you.  You have chosen wisely My path.  Now, if you can bring others with you, I will set straight their paths also.

 June 15, 2010 – Jesus, with His Sacred Heart, comes very close and tilts my face up to look at Him.  He says, “Martha, do you wish to be my servant?”  I answer, “Yes, Lord, I do.”  He says, “Do you want to give all to Me; all the praise, honor, glory, and thanks?”  I say that I do, and then He says, “Are you willing to defend Me; to speak on my behalf in whatever way is needed?”  Again, I say, “Yes, Lord, I am most willing to do whatever you ask of me.”  Jesus then tells me, “Prepare, make ready.”

 Preface typed on Facebook page prior to this journal entry:

I have something that I would like to say that is not part of The Stillness. Please know that I understand that there are many out there for whom life is not easy. It is my hope that through my journey, others may find their own. No two Journeys will be alike. Our Lord will guide you in ways that are right for you.  Please never think that I believe everything is easy or that all in my own life is always perfect. For me it is a choice to be joyful in spirit even when everything around me might be in chaos or turmoil. I do love my life and will always choose the joy over the pain .. even during the pain. God Bless.Please never think that I believe everything is easy or that all in my own life is perfect.  For me it is a choice to be joyful in spirit even when everything around me might be in chaos or turmoil.  I do love my life and will always choose the joy over the pain … even during the pain.  God Bless. Please never think that I believe everything is easy or that all in my own life is always perfect. For me it is a choice to be joyful in spirit even when everything around me might be in chaos or turmoil. I do love my life and will always choose the joy over the pain .. even during the pain. God Bless.

June 16, 2010 – Today I am in the surgery waiting area while my Dad has surgery on his back.  I have lifted him up in prayer and now I am longing to be in the presence of Our Lord.  I have been feeling a prompting to somehow include more of my personal thoughts and feelings along this Journey, but have not felt right in doing so as part of what takes place in The Stillness.  That is His time, His message.  It is not mine, as I am just the vessel for His words to others.  Today in my readings, while I am marking references in the margins, the answer comes to me.  I will begin a journal of proofs (God-incidences) and try to put into words what my heart, my thoughts and feelings, were at those times.  In The Stillness I ask if this is pleasing to Him.  He says, “Yes, Martha, this is the next step.  You have been wondering and this is it for now.”  I ask Him to please guide these writings also, to not let me ever put into words anything that would not reflect and ever expand His Glory.  He says, “I will guide you, Martha.  We are building the case to erase all doubt in others, now and later, concerning My Mission in you.  Your longing to be with Me, more and more, ever increases and I know you need a way to express this and all the feelings and desires of your heart that are continually manifested in The Stillness.  We will use this later so that others may be drawn even closer.  Remember, Martha, the timing, as always, is in My hands.  Always wait for my urging, not yours.  Always, as you are today, ASK FIRST.  In this way all will proceed as I will it.  Your obedience is ever pleasing.

 June 17, 2010 – I find myself once again bent over in half.  My hands are beneath my chest and I am experiencing an even heavier weight than before.  My face is sweating profusely, my hands are going numb under the pressure and my heart feels compressed.  I am like this, with my upper body being pressed down, for awhile.  I feel as if I am going in and out of The Stillness.  He says, “I am here, you are in and out.  You are experiencing only a fraction of the weight of The Cross, Martha.  How much can you bear?  Beware what you ask for.  Let this weight serve to remind you why we are here, why I suffered so.  It is because of my love for you, my love for all.”  I am back upright now but I feel spent, my bones in my neck, and my heart, are aching intensely.  Again, I just sit, spent.  I have to will myself to write in this journal and then to go.         During the time I felt I was in and out, I felt as if He was trying to communicate this message to me: “To some of my servants I gave signs of my Passion such as My Crown of Thorns, or Scars from the nails, or scourging.  Yours, Martha, is to be the weight of My Cross.  That is why He asks, “How much can you bear?”  That is why He says “Be careful what you ask for.”  I have continually asked Him to continue the ache in my heart to serve as a reminder to me.  I have also asked that my arms continue to ache during the Divine Mercy Chaplet as I stretch them out in offering and humility to Him for His sufferings on The Cross.  I have not asked to be crushed under the weight of The Cross, however, if this would be pleasing in His sight then I am willing.  Fearful, anxious, yes; but willing.  I am your servant, Lord.

 June 18, 2010 – We are going for a walk again today.  I find myself walking alongside Jesus down dusty, dirty, crowded streets in the town of Bethlehem.  As we go along I begin to smell the stench of animal feces mixed with the scent of hay, and an earthy odor that makes my nose burn.  At the end of the street we are facing a crude stable area up against a rocky formation.  Now the stench is almost overwhelming.  We walk up to one of the stables.  It is mostly under the overhang of the rocks, but a small thatched roof extends out beyond, supported by two cut tree limbs.  There are limbs and branches forming a makeshift fence from the rock wall out to the support limbs and across the front.  There is an opening in the middle, and there is a rope across the opening.  Inside the stable are a couple of very old milking cows, a goat, and a couple of sheep.  Looking along the row of stables I can see that each one is pretty much the same.  There are dogs running around and barking loudly.  Jesus looks at me and says, “I wanted you to see where I had my start into the human journey I was sent to traverse.”  It is hard to look my Risen Lord in the eye at this moment so I just stare into the filthy little stable.  He says, “Mary wanted some clean hay to birth and then set me upon.  There wasn’t any.  Joseph tried to dig through for the cleanest, but in the end, they had to make do with hay that had been soiled with animal saliva and excrement.  At times Mary was overwhelmed by the stench and was want to faint, but Joseph pressed her to his robe that she might breathe a familiar smell.  There wasn’t any clean water, either, Martha.  Only the trough water, which Joseph wanted to heat over a fire, but things were happening too fast.  There wasn’t time.  Joseph could see and feel Mary’s pain.  He knew her wishes for their newborn son and he could not provide.  He prayed to The Father for all to be over quickly.  It was, but then there were new concerns.  I needed to be kept safe and warm.  Warm he could handle; safe was an entirely different issue.”  I still do not want to look at Him, but I do.  He is looking lovingly at me.  He says, “Everyone wants the nice, sweet story of my birth.  It was far from sweet, Martha, but filled with LOVE.”

 June 19 -20, 2010 – I am a student of apostolic life … just when I think I know what I am doing, I am turned upside down.  There was no “In The Stillness” over the weekend, however, there was much to learn before entering into it again.  Once, again, I am humbled.  As He has so wisely imparted to me before, it is I who do the separating from Him.  I should know by now that when I choose to focus on my own feelings, or dwell in some perceived injustice or hurt, then I will not be able to bridge the chasm I create between us.  Even when I realize this, if I then begin to dwell on feelings of remorse and guilt I serve only to widen the chasm.  I must have needed to learn this message.  Lets just say that it took the celebration of Mass on Saturday afternoon to bring me home, once again, and then a beautiful Sunday spent celebrating two of the most wonderful blessings in my life; my own father, and my wonderful husband, the father of our children.  Nothing like a few good blessings to bring one to the altar of Love.  Amen.

 June 21, 2010 – Today it is Jesus, The Shepherd.  When I ask, “Are you there, Lord?”  He answers, “Yes, Martha, I am here.  You are one of my sheep.”  I am asking forgiveness, again, for my many faults and transgressions, and He says, “I know that together, You and I are bringing home lost sheep, but, Martha, you are also one of my sheep.  Sometimes I need to bring you home.  Faults can help serve to make one a better person.  Not that we should feed or help perpetuate them, (here He says to me, “Go ahead and write while we talk.”) but we should try to learn from them.  Examine them.  Seek out why we have them and then work on eradicating them.  If they are serious enough one may need to bring them to the altar, to reconciliation.  But, always, we need to move forward, away from them.  Living in sin and guilt only serves to keep one from coming to Me and living in forgiveness and light.  I am ever waiting to shower mercy and love on all who come to me in true spirit of reconciliation.  Do not dwell in darkness when the Light of Life is right there.  One must reach through the darkness and I will grab on and pull with all my might.  I wait, they reach, I grab hold.  Tell ALL; it can really be that simple.”

          Throughout the weekend, even though there was no “Stillness” there still seemed to be direct communication.  I was continually prompted to say the 23rd Psalm, “The Lord is My Shepherd…”  I had memorized this years ago and often prayed it, but with all that has been going on in my prayer life I sort of inadvertently set it aside.  As often as I prayed it over the weekend, I felt His PULL.  He was not letting go of me.  I also felt as if he was saying to me that through Lent we lived ON The Cross, and since Easter we have lived IN our Risen Lord.  Now, He is saying it is time to live WITH Jesus, Our Shepherd.  We cannot always live in sorrow and guilt, or even live constantly in celebration and glory.  There is also a time where we must LEARN and live.  We must find our way, but not alone.  We find our path with the most loving, compassionate Shepherd to guide our way.  He wants me to write His own prayer here:

          Our Father, who are in Heaven,

          Hallowed be the Name.

          Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done,

          On Earth as it is in Heaven.

          Give us this day our daily bread, and

          Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive

          Those who trespass against us.

          And, lead us not into temptation,

          But deliver us from evil.  Amen.

Here, I just wanted to say wow!  And, I pray:

          My Jesus, never forsake me, as I so often forsake you.   Lead me on paths for your honor and glory that all souls who are in darkness may be brought into the light of your everlasting love and salvation.  Ever grant me discernment and wisdom in imparting your words to them.  Let them not see or hear me, but only you through me.  Have mercy and grace on us all, through your Most Sacred Heart, Jesus. Amen.

 June 22, 2010 – “I am here, Martha.  I am always here.  I have already been here with you through all of your prayers and exercises this morning.  Yes, in The Stillness it is different.  I come to you face to face so I can better impart to you these things that I need you to write down that others may know Me better also.  But, Martha, you have always had bits of conversation with Me during your day.  You think of Me and it turns into a conversation.  You see a bird, or an animal, or just see my beauty in nature and right away your thoughts turn to Me.  As you say, I send you smiles.  It is true, I look for and relish little things that make you see I am with you and that bring you joy.  Practice this also with people, Martha.  You smile a lot.  When they smile back, learn to see this as Me smiling at you.  It will help you to better see Me in others.  When you see Me in others you will love them even more than you already do.  They will know then that it is Me smiling through you.”  He smiles and then ends with this, “Actually, Martha, it will be Me smiling at myself in them.  Think on this.”  His smile turns into a broad grin, and then a heartfelt laugh.  The Stillness is over. (I always said God has a sense of humor, but in this case, a very profound sense of humor!)

 June 23, 2010 – He is here.  I am telling Him that I love Him and that I want to be one with Him.  He is telling me to hush, to stop talking, to LET HIM IN.  I totally let go and completely give myself over to Him.  As soon as I do, I meld into Him.  My heart is aching, but with joy.  Then I sense that His Heart is becoming one with mine.  I realize now that I AM Him and He IS me.  Our hearts are as one, one heart beat is the life pulse for each.  I am in rapture and ecstasy for the next few minutes.  Then I realize I am slowly being taken down to the bent in half position again.  This time the pressure is much more intense.  I am Him (and me) and The Cross is being put upon us.  My hands, as in prior times are now crushed beneath me.  I am cantered to one side, and now the bridge of my nose is pressed against my left knee.  I have no power to lift up.  I am sweating and I can barely breathe.  I say to Jesus, “It is okay, Lord, give me more.  I can take it.  I love you.  I love you.  I offer this for all those souls, especially those who know you and yet spurn and scorn you.  Especially for those who know nothing of you, and for those who cannot find you yet you are everywhere around them.  Especially for those souls who do not hear you knock and therefore think you have forsaken them.”  All this time, and I am not sure how long, but it was awhile, the pressure, the pain grew more intense.  I kept being pressed down further and further until I was bent so far over I fell off the bed.  It was almost as if I had been jolted awake.  I was on my side.  I got up and sat on the edge of the bed just staring into Our Lord’s face for quite some time.  I looked at Him and He looked at me as if neither of us wanted to let go of the other.  During the time of the weight pressing down I remember saying to Jesus, “Let me take this as long as I can, Lord, for as long as I do, you do not have to.  I remember thinking also, how heavy my sins were and begging forgiveness for my part in this.

          While we sat staring at each other I said to Him, “Lord, no one is going to believe this.”  He said, “Do you, Martha?”  I answered, “I believe, Lord.  How could I not?  I felt it, I lived it with You.”  He said, “Well then, Martha, write what you know to be true.  They will either believe or not believe.  Those who do will have chosen Me.  Those who do not, well, we will have to work harder on their behalf.  And, WE will!  One heart, one soul at a time if need be.  I love and want them ALL.”

 June 24, 2010 – Again He bends me in half.  It is not quite as heavy as yesterday, but after He gently presses my head all the way onto my left knee I feel a thud.  I know The Cross is upon me.  Its heaviness causes me to sweat almost from and interior heat.  My breaths are so shallow I scarcely can breathe.  He says to me after a while, “This is good, Martha.  You are offering this for all souls.  Know that this is the time you may bring before Me those individual souls that weigh heaviest on your heart.  Now, while you are under the weight of My Cross, I will hear your special requests.  For it is in this state that you know what your are asking of Me, what it cost Me.  It must cost you also.”  I am now asking Him to bestow mercy and forgiveness on certain souls, which will remain nameless here.  I ask that each may hear His knock and glance His direction that He may grab hold of them bringing them into the fold of His flock that they may know and share in His everlasting love, forgiveness, and life eternal.  I ask this through His Most Loving, Merciful Sacred Heart.

          As was the case in the other instances, when I return to the upright position, I feel totally spent.  I am sweating, out of breath, and there is numbness in my extremities, my hands and feet.  He has commanded that I write these things.  I am His lowly servant.  I seek to do His will no matter the cost.

 June 25, 2010 – Today as I start to say, “Are you there, Lord?”  I hear over the top of it, “Are you there, Martha?” and I answer, “Yes, Lord, I am here.  Remember?  You are in me, and I am in you.  He says, “Alright, then.  Your contrition and tears move Me, Martha.  Just make sure they move you too.”  I say, “Yes, Lord.  I will continue to work at being the best person I can.  Do not drop me.”

          Just before The Stillness, during my prayers, I was once again moved to tears as I brought my transgressions before Him.  I remember when He told me how He flinches when we sin.  While my sins may seem trivial to some to me they do not.  Why can’t I see myself slapping Him BEFORE I speak or act?  Why is it that I remember only afterword and then suffer remorse and agony for the pain I cause Him?  I will be better about this.  I must.

 June 26, 2010 – Jesus, my Shepherd, is here today.  He says, “Martha, I can see how much you want to be one of my sheep and just sit at my feet in ecstasy.  That is good; however, I need you out in the world.  I can reach many more souls with you out in the world.  It is true you must go in and out.  Come often to sit at my feet, but then, re-enter the world.  They will know you have just come from being with Me by your countenance.  Your joy and love will shine through.  Think of Me often throughout the day and reconnect again before closing your eyes for the night.  All is well, Martha.  You are doing my will.  I reward you with the ache of my Heart within you that you so want to feel.”

 June 28, 2010 – No Stillness yesterday down at my daughter’s due to going to Mass at their church.  Their Catholic Church has a very uplifting, joyful Mass with its music and children.  You come away tapping your toes and filled with Spirit … love it!

          Today in The Stillness, My Lord is here.  I feel so complete.  He says to me, “Go and tell all about this completeness, this wholeness.  They are searching, longing, and needing it.  Tell them it is only I that can complete them.  Only I can make them whole.  And then, their lack, their insecurity is over.  Their new desire and longing will be Me.  And I will continually fill that need as long as they let Me.

 June 29, 2010 – It is afternoon today, as my morning prayers were interrupted and I was unable to return to them.  When He comes to me today it is My Crucified Lord.  He wants me to see and to reflect on each of His wounds.  He says, “Martha, when you pray, ‘They have pierced My Hands and My Feet; They have numbered all My Bones’, it is good for you to know EXACTLY what this means.  Look at my hands, Martha.  Not just the base of the palms, but also the backs.  See; the wounds go all the way through.  They are jagged and torn from the weight of my body pulling on them.  Look at my feet.  It is good that you think of this pain when you are kneeling, arms extended and feet crossed, one on top of the other, during your Divine Mercy prayers.  But, it was not the nail driving through.  It was the lifting of The Cross into the upright position and when my full weight bore down.  And then, later, as I had to lift myself up each time in order to breathe, it tore even more through my flesh.  Also, Martha, it was not the lance being jabbed into my side, but the piercing of my Heart that brought me untold pain and sorrow, causing the blood and water of mercy, love, and forgiveness eternal to flow. It will flow forever more.  Now, when you pray, ‘They have Pierced My Hands and My Feet; They have numbered all my Bones’, you will be able to SEE and FEEL My Pain.  These things I tell you; you must tell all.

 June 30, 2010 – Today I am at Moffitt with a friend.  I feel The Stillness must be prayer:  Oh, Lord, I lift up to you my friend in her time of anxiousness, and throughout her procedures.  Calm her spirit and grant her strength.  Send your angels to envelop her and give her a sense of peace and serenity.  Through your grace may her faith in you never waiver on the path you have set before her.  Show her that she is in your hands through it all, Lord.  Bring her through to the other side of this journey as a strong woman of faith ever reflecting your glory to all.  Help me, Lord, to serve you and be the friend she needs me to be.  Bless her loved ones and grant them strength and faith for the journey also.  I ask all of this through your Most Holy Spirit, your Most Sacred Heart, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Amen.

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