Who Do You Say I Am?

520px-Shield-Trinity-Scutum-Fidei-English-001_svg“But what about you? he asked.  Who do you say I am?”  Mark 8:29

While the Holy season of Lent is often a time of self-discernment, a time of asking ourselves the tough questions about our faith and our relationship with God, right now, the time at hand, is always a perfect time to do so.

Jesus asked His disciples a very simple, yet very tough question, “Who do you say I am?”  When asked by Jesus, this question becomes the single most important question of our life.  Life in eternity hangs in the balance. We each must come to know Him personally as our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who redeemed our individual sins on the Cross of Salvation. We each travel that personal faith journey as led by the Holy Spirit within. No two faith journeys are alike, but all will end at the foot of His Cross.

Before we can come to the above conviction about Jesus, we must first come to know God, The Father. We must first answer the same question posed to the disciples above, but about God. If you don’t know God, then you can’t know Jesus, and you can’t receive the Holy Spirit within to guide you from this life into Life Eternal with the Three of them, The Triune Godhead: God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Spirit.

The following is a 2010 entry from Journey Through The Stillness, my personal spiritual journal.  This particular entry delves into who we are in relation to God.  What does it mean personally when I, or you, say He is God?

September 22, 2010He says, “You say you will be still, for I am God.  You know that I am God, and I AM.  What does this mean?  I am your God; I am the God of all.  What does this mean?”  I feel He is waiting to be answered, but I just sit in thought.  Then I say, “You ARE God.  You are LIFE.  I MUST live in and through You.  I MUST accept myself for WHO I am; a child of God.  I MUST give over to You all that I think, do  and say; ALL that I am.  I MUST accept myself AS I am; the way You created me, in your image and likeness.  I MUST be the person you WILL me to be, a person of love.  You are God.  You are LOVE.  We are united in love, not just You and I, but all of creation.  I MUST live in the unity of love now and forever.  I am created by You for that very purpose.”  He smiles, “Well said, my daughter, now go and live in love.”

Because I was asked, I had to find my answer. Many are never asked. Many never even ask themselves. So I ask you now, “ Who do you say God is?”  If you don’t have an answer, or you struggle putting it into words that form the basic tenet for you life, then now is the perfect time to reflect on and answer this most important question.  Remember, to know Jesus as your Savior, you must know God, His Father, who sent Him to you. If you reflect on WHY God would send His only begotten Son to suffer such a horrible sacrificial death as public crucifixion so that YOU personally would  be redeemed, be pardoned for all of your wretched sins against Him, then you will be on the right path.

Not the What, but the WHY. Who are you to God? Why would He create you, place you here on earth, and want to bring you back to Heaven to live in Eternity? Answer that and you will know WHO He is. If you need some help, begin in the Bible, Book of John, Chapter 1.  Writing down your thoughts as you reflect on these important faith journey questions will help you to form a cohesive bond between you and The Triune Godhead.  It will help you to answer the questions not just in your mind, but to also write these answers on your heart for your soul to read each day.

Even if you already have the all important answers to both questions,  “Who do you say God is”, and “Who do you say Jesus is”, it is always good to take some time to reignite the flame within. It is always good to revisit why you believe as you do, and own your answers.  These two questions are asked every single day in some way.  We must always be prepared to answer Him and then live our answer.

So, Ask, Believe, and Own. Rediscover and be rejuvenated in your faith. Then, go forth to live in His Love!

“When you search for me, you will find me; if you seek me with all your heart,” (Jeremiah 29:13)

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