‘The Being Prayer’

In one of my times of Stillness before God, He gave me what I have come to lovingly call ‘The Being Prayer’. Of the many beautiful and soulful prayers He has given me through the years, it is probably my most favorite.
When I am feeling lost, hurt, unloved; when my nerves are frazzled or my to do list seems insurmountable; when my words to others do not reflect who I want to be; when I am envious, or judgmental; when I am overwhelmed by the world and its’ troubles, by evil and circumstances beyond my control; it is then I kneel and pray my ‘Being Prayer’. It never ceases first to humble me, and then to ground me, to calm my spirit restlessness. I read each line slowly and with intent. As I do, I can literally sense my soul slowly reopening. I begin to feel a deep abiding sense that I am where I belong, in my true home. And yet, I rise confidently ready to venture back into my earthly life in grateful humility and love.

My heart truly hopes and prays this prayer may do the same for you. It is lengthy, but that is part of it’s full circle process. Take your time with each line and let your being join with His.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

“The Being Prayer”
Here I am, Lord, humbly kneeling before You.
I am here to be with You.
I am because You ARE, because You EXIST.
I am because You GIVE me being; because You breathe the Breath Of LIFE into me.
I am WHAT You give me to be.
I am here because I desire to live wholly and joyfully exactly as You have created me.
I thank You, Holy Father, for my being, for my existence.
I praise and glorify Your Most Holy Name.
For You are God Most High; Jesus Christ, The Son and Savior; and The Holy Spirit, who Lights The Way and guides my steps.
In You only do I live and breathe, do I have Life here on earth.
You live inside this being, created by You; IN, BY, and For LOVE.
There in You patiently wait for that Holy Love to be returned.
Here I am, Lord.
I am here to be with You, to be IN You.
To Adore You, and to Worship You,
God Most High.
You are Creator of all that exists,
Master over all beings,
Lord of the Universe.
Here I am, Lord, your humble and loving being.
Help me to remain Your faithful servant and truthful witness here on this earth until that day You call me home; that day You bring me to live forever in Eternal Love with You.
(Martha McDuff Wiggins, 09/24/2020)

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