Blood And Tears

140px-Jesus_is_taken_down_from_the_Cross_002The following is from a 2010 Journey Through The Stillness entry, my personal spiritual journal…

November 22, 2010Crucified Jesus, beaten, scourged, bloodied, stands before me.  His hands are clasped in front and His thorn crowned head is bowed.  There is a bucket and towels at His feet.  My Guardian Angel is here.  She instructs me to wipe Our Lord using the liquid in the bucket and the towels.  She explains that the liquid is my tears, and the tears of mankind, shed in sorrow for our sins.  I begin at His feet, His nailed feet.  I try to be ever so gentle as I work my way up His ravaged body.  His eyes are closed.  I take each hand and lovingly wipe away the dried blood.  These hands are my home, my peace, to which I always turn in times of need.  For me they are Love personified.  Then I come to the wound in His side.  My hands are trembling now and my heart is aching within more and more as I gently pat the wound.  I now move up to His shoulders, then to His face.  I begin to dab the sides of His face and along His brow.  His eyes open.  He says, “Child.”  I say, “Lord.”  Then He says, “I go now to my Father.”  At once my Angel’s aura is all around Him, and they leave.  I look down for the bucket of tears now mixed with blood.  It is gone.  I hear her explain that they have taken it as an offering to The Father.

Once again I am humbled to the core.  At this moment I have no more words to speak or write.  (I knelt down immediately and prayed The Divine Mercy Chaplet, where the tears flowed freely.)

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