Seeking Divine Love

Basilica Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Rome, Italy, (Basilica of St. Mary over Minerva) taken by Martha Wiggins, 2011

Basilica Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Rome, Italy, (Basilica of St. Mary over Minerva) taken by Martha Wiggins, 2011. Saint Catherine of Siena is buried beneath the altar, and to the left is a statue carved by Michelangelo -Christ Bearing The Cross.

“Love … bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”  1 Corinthians 13:4, 7

We all feel unwanted, unappreciated, unloved at different times in our lives and by different people in our lives.  It may be a boss who doesn’t treat us with respect, a spouse who ignores or treats us with indifference, or friends who let us down by their actions or in-actions.  Some of us live in abuse, despair, or sickness, and wonder where Divine Love is in the midst of our suffering and pain.  Under these circumstances it does not take long for our spirit to close.

With a closed spirit we shut out everyone and everything.  We go through the motions of living, but we are not alive.  We look for God, for Divine Love, all around us but can’t seem to find it.  We see others that seem to have it, but for us it is elusive.  Just as an old song says, we are looking for love in all the wrong places.  We look for it outside ourselves, when truly, we must look within.  Divine Love is deep within our own hearts.  We are created by God in love, of love, and for love.  We are love.

We must look deep within to discover just how wonderfully and intricately we are formed.  In doing so, we will discover or rediscover His love.  We will find the Divine Love that is at our very core.  As we feel, or at least start to acknowledge, His Love for us we will begin to see ourselves and treat ourselves more lovingly.  Realizing that no outside force or human being can alter the Divine Love within us, we will radiate that same love to others, we will share that same love with others.

As we grow in love for ourselves, we grow in love for God, our Creator.  As we grow in love for Him, we grow in Divine Love … we are Divine Love.

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