We Are No Accident

For it is God who is at work in you, enabling you both to will  and to work for His good pleasure.”  Philippians 2:13

     In the popular Christmas movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, a man gets to view life as if he had never been born.  He discovers that things would have been quite messy without him, especially for those he loved.  He discovers that he had made a difference, that people’s lives were better because he existed.  I believe this movie is so popular because each one of us longs to know that we make a difference, that we matter.

     At Christmastime, we see how Jesus entered the world as a babe in a lowly manger, and yet, His life and death left an imprint on the world which has lasted over 2,000 years.  How was this possible?  It wouldn’t have been if He was merely an accident, or merely human, but Jesus was both man and God.  His imprint is not just in worldly time and space, it is Eternal.

     We are no accident either.  We have been placed in the world by God, himself.  He created us in His image and likeness.  We enter this world in our mother’s womb, and we live and breathe in our orbital path, ever waiting to be returned to our Eternal destiny.  We are human; we are mortal.  And yet, we are Divinely inspired, we are Divine Love. 

     During Advent, let us remember, like Jesus, we have been placed here, in our orbit, at this exact moment in time.  We are no accident.  Our lives matter, especially to those who love us.  What will our imprint be?

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