Casting Stones


“And again He stooped down, and wrote on the ground.” John 8:8

This world is in a state of chaos and seemingly out of control; especially out of our individual control. However, God tell us that nothing is out of His control. NOTHING is out of His control. You ask then, what can you possibly do to have any affect? God would say to Pray and Love; to Pray with the same fervor Jesus had in the Garden at Gethsemane just before being arrested; to Love all through His same Heart which was pierced on the Cross and still forgave us our sinful wretchedness. A tall order for sure. After all, we are not Divine, but only human. Sadly, many  of us would have cast that first stone at the woman caught in adultery if Jesus had not stepped in and written our name in that sand. Still, we humans are capable of great feelings and emotions. We are capable of great Love. And, Jesus calls us to it, each and every one of us. It does not have to be difficult. It does not have to be in the form of grand public gestures. Great Love is often the simplest of loves. And, it can truly begin right where you are.

So, rather than ‘throwing’ stones, let us begin anew each day to make deliberate efforts to ‘cast’ stones: Stones of Love; Stones of Charity, Kindness, and Acceptance; Stones of Faith Sharing, Forgiveness, and Hope; Stones of Laughter and Joy. And let us never forget the all important Stones of Sincerity, such as simply Listening and Smiling, of looking someone directly in the eyes and Smiling at Jesus within them. Believe me, He will Smile right back at you whether that individual does or not.

So yes, you can begin small by casting stones in your own home, workplace, and grocery store. You may not always see the effects but the ripples from those stones can and will change the world… one Stone at a time.

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