Taking On The Burdens of Others

This Stillness Journal entry is one I have shared before.  After reading it again recently I felt the nudge to share it again. It just made me think of all the pain and suffering, and all those helping others, those who take on the burdens of others, during this worldwide virus pandemic. Prayers for all.

Stillness entry from 2012…
February 2, 2012 – Today as soon as I felt His Hands on me in blessing my mind took off in many different directions. Recognizing this I immediately asked Him to place His Hands and bless me again so I could begin again. He did so, and as He did, He began to tell me this story.
“There was a man who drove a truck. He had delivered all of his goods to the city at the top of the mountain in a timely manner. He was returning home with his empty truck. Along the way down the mountain he saw other truckers who had packed their trucks so full they were struggling to get up the mountain. The trucker felt both the need and the desire to help so he stopped each truck and took on some of their load. His heart was gladdened as he watched each continue on effortlessly up the mountain. At the bottom he turned his truck around to head back up the mountain, but soon realized he was now too full to make it up to the top. In taking on everyone else’s loads he had overburdened himself. Knowing the goods still needed to be delivered on time, and that there was not enough time to lighten the load and make two trips, he began to worry, to doubt his good intentions and his good actions. Where was everyone he had helped? Surely they would see his state of affairs when they came back down the mountain and offer to take back some of their load. But no, they were so elated in their own good fortune to have completed their deliveries on time that they could focus on nothing but themselves. After struggling to head up the mountain for a time, the kindhearted man stopped. He said, “Lord, if You want these goods delivered to the mountaintop city, You will have to do it. The Lord replied, “Exactly, son. I already have.” A cross appeared in front of the truck. The man got out and kneeled down at its foot. He began to pray and offer up all the burdens he had taken on from others. He prayed to the Lord to help all with their burdens in the future but to use him to help whenever needed. He asked for himself only those things to be of use in helping others. The Lord was pleased and rewarded the man with great faith, strength, courage, and wisdom to know which loads to help with. The man returned to his truck. The load seemed ever so light as he traveled to the mountaintop city once again to make his delivery. The others’ heavy goods were delivered on time. While they went about in ignorance of the labor and suffering they had caused, the trucker continued to help wherever possible. He now knew he could always lighten his load by first dropping it off at the foot of the Cross. He knew Jesus would deliver the goods.”
(Personal thoughts – I wrote this as it was being given to me having no idea where it was headed and how it would end. As always, everything left at the foot of the Cross is delivered.)

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