The Body And Blood

Today I am posting two past but very special entries from Journey Through The Stillness, my personal spiritual journal.  Have a blessed Good Friday everyone. May You feel His Mercy and Forgivenesses in the depth of your soul.

November 17, 2010 – My Crucified Lord is here.  As one time before He places His wounded hands in a chain lock with mine.  He sees that I am shaken by this and begins to kneel before me.  Seeing that this bothers me intensely He stands and brings me to standing also, hands still locked together.  He says, “This is the bond you must protect.  NEVER let it be taken from you.  I have shed my BLOOD for you; I have given up my BODY.  This is the bond that is LIFE giving.  The world knows Me not as I truly AM.  My Body and Blood is the GATEWAY for ALL.  The world knows Me not.  You are my messenger, child.  Go, and tell ALL, that they must eat of the Fruit of The Vine.  They must BELIEVE I AM the Fruit.”     (Personal thoughts – I can honestly say that when I enter into The Stillness I never know what is coming.  When I type it to post publicly I relive each moment.  It is then that I too see a pattern evolving, or a theme, or a particular message to be delivered.  Today is obviously the crescendo of the previous few messages, and also the crux of the entire Stillness.  The message is strong and clear – Through His Body and Blood we are delivered.  Through the Eucharist we are made whole in the physical union with Christ, Our LORD and SAVIOR.)

This is an excerpt from November 13, 2010… Entering in The Stillness Jesus is here.  He begins to write on me.  Using His finger He writes His name in blood on my forehead, my arms, my legs, my back.  In a moment I am awash in His blood.  It is running down my limbs onto my hands and feet.  I am astounded.  I feel so hollow, so empty, and so ashamed for I KNOW He sees everything.  He KNOWS everything.  He sees and knows the things I want no other human being to know, and yet, He continues to write on me.  Then He begins to use a towel and wipe away the blood.  I say, “No.”  I do not want Him to do this.  He responds, “Daughter, I have paid the price for you.  In coming to Me you are washed in my BLOOD.  In staying with Me and living in my will, you are cleansed, made whole, made perfect in my sight.  It is MINE to do.”  I so want to be cleansed, to be made whole, that I just sit there and allow Him to wipe.  He is ever so gentle.  He knows my anguish, my disgrace and wants to wipe it all away.  He and I both know He will have to repeat the process many times in my life time, but He knows I will try to make it as few times as possible for His sake.  I am learning; I am trying.  I desire to live in His will.

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