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One of the Stations of The Cross inside the Pantheon, Rome, Italy, 2011, taken by Martha Wiggins

One of the Stations of The Cross inside the Pantheon, Rome, Italy, 2011, taken by Martha Wiggins

“The child grew in size and strength, filled with wisdom, and the grace of God.”  Luke 2:40

The Christmas celebration has come and gone.  Hopefully the Christmas Spirit has found a home in our hearts.  Hopefully the image of the infant Jesus is imprinted on our soul.  Let us not receive Him into our lives in name only.

As we venture forth into our New Year let us take on the fresh faced appearance of an infant, but not just any infant, the infant Jesus.  As He grows, let us too grow in His image and likeness.  Let us learn as we watch Him mature into the young carpenter, and then into teacher, miracle worker, and Savior.  Study Him. Study His ways of acceptance and love for all mankind.  Spend time with Him.  Listen to His Word and see His response to all questions.  Watch His actions and reactions to all He comes into contact with, to all who come to Him in need.  See how He serves them.  Try to imitate Him.  Take Him along as companion, friend, helpmate.  Immerse yourself in His life and live life as He does, in total mind-boggling love for all!  Grow up to be just like Jesus!

Sounds simple and yet difficult doesn’t it?  How does one watch Him grow?  How does one see Him in action?  How does one listen to His Word?  God has provided the perfect forum for seeing and growing in knowledge of Jesus.  It is the Holy Gospels, the Bible, His own Word.  Spend time in the Bible, sincerely, prayerfully and hopefully.  You will soon find you are spending time with Him.  You will soon find you are growing more like Him.

Do not receive Him in name only.  Seek Him out, He is there waiting.

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