From Eternity To Eternity

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden by Peter Wenzel, taken by Martha Wiggins, Vatican Museum, 2012

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden by Peter Wenzel, taken by Martha Wiggins, Vatican Museum, 2012

“Before the mountains were born, before the earth and the world came to birth, from eternity to eternity you are God.  Psalm 90:2

I find such great comfort in knowing God has no beginning and no end.  He always was, always is, and always will be.

In our earthly life we have a beginning, and we have an end.  On the home page at Martha’s, I give my spin on it:  Webster’s dictionary defines orbit as the path of a satellite around a celestial body.  I personally define orbit as the individual life path around the celestial body of God, Our Heavenly Father.  We are placed into our orbit by God at birth … and retrieved by him at death.  We live, breathe, and grow in our orbit … in our orbit is harmony (God’s will for our life).  When we deviate from our orbit’s path … chaos ensues.  We are held in our orbit by Faith (our intimate relationship with God)… Faith in Jesus, The Son of God.

God not only has no beginning and no end, He is the beginning and He is the end.  Everything that exists does so because of Him.  Everything is of Him and for Him.  Without God, we do not exist.  No God, no us!

We live solely because of His Love, and by His Grace.  It is exactly for this reason I find great comfort in knowing He is God from eternity to eternity.  He created me and was there when I was ‘launched’ into my orbit at birth.  He is there while I live in my orbit according to His will.  He will be there when my orbit ends at my physical death, and will be there to welcome me home into Eternity with Him.  This is the same for every living being since the beginning of time as we know it.  Billions of others have existed in the same way, and barring the end of our world, billions more will again.

For me, it would be much more difficult to believe there is no God.  If there is no God, I have no reason for existing.  With God my reason for existing is Love!  And, I am here by His grace.

“Teach us to count up the days that are ours, and we shall come to the heart of wisdom.”  Psalm 90:12

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