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Colosseum, Rome

Colosseum, Rome, Italy, 2011, taken by Martha Wiggins

“Remove the dross from the silver, and a silversmith can produce a vessel”  Proverbs 25:4

Definition of affirmation from Journey Through The Stillness: “Affirmations are to make one pause and think; to pull one from the clutches of temptation; to bring one into the grace of the moment; to help one to be conscious of failings and to grow in desire to do good.”  (May 8, 2010)

Affirmation from March 24, 2010:  You are to be the Vessel of Love that draws them in, and the Beacon of Light that directs them to Me.

     A vessel is a container.  Imagine being a container brimming with love.  That is what God created us to be, vessels of love.

Wondrous things happen in our lives and the lives of others when we allow Jesus to use us, when we channel Him to others.  It is not always easy to remove self from the equation, to empty ourselves out in order that He can fill us with His Love and Light.  In fact, it takes work!  But as stated in the Proverbs verse above, when the dross or rubbish is removed, a vessel can be formed.

Today, remember how greatly loved you are by Jesus, and then share that love with those around you. They will recognize Him in you, and you will become that beacon of Light pointing the way for others to find Him.  You will find your own vessel filled to the brim, your cup will runneth over!


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