The Power Of Touch

“All in the crowd were trying to touch Him, for power came out from Him and healed all of them.”  Luke 6:19

     It is hard to imagine what Jesus must have felt when throngs of people were closing in all around Him trying to get close enough to touch Him.  He knew who each of them were, who they really were.  He had each one’s name etched in His heart.  Love radiated out from Him wherever He went, and they followed because they ached for that love, because they longed to be healed.  And, He didn’t disappoint.  All who came to Him were healed, restored, made whole.

     It is the same today as it was yesterday and ever will be.  He has our name etched on His heart.  He knows each of us as we really are.  He has already paid the price for us with His Blood.  All we need do is reach out and touch His cloak.  Jesus sees us in the crowd.  He wants us to reach out and touch His cloak. 

     We touch His cloak every time we think of Him, every time we pray to Him.  We touch His cloak every time we help someone else, every time we show love.  Opportunities abound!  And, when we touch His cloak, the power will come out from Him and into us; we will be made whole.  And, it is through His power within us that we will be able to stand out in the crowd proclaiming the glory of the kingdom of God!

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