Lord, You Are King

140px-Christ_the_Alpha_and_Omega_001Lord, You are King.

Forgive me, Lord, when I try to be King, in my life and in the lives of others.  Forgive me, Lord, when expect all to bow before me, to be at my beck and call, and to ever do my bidding.  Forgive me, Lord, when I expect others to serve me, instead of me serving them.

Thank you, Lord, for your sovereign reign in my life.  Thank you, Lord, that I do not actually have the control that I often think I do.  Thank you, Lord, for your Kingly reign over all the earth, over the entire universe.

     Oh to be King!  At least that is what we sometimes wish.  We would like to make the world dance to our beat, to obey are every command.  However, are we really prepared to be King?  If we are, then all is our responsibility.  The buck stops with us!  I gladly relinquish Kingly authority to the one true King, Our Lord and Savior.

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