Which Sheep Is Loved The Most?

526px-Good_Shepherd_001“The sheep that belong to me listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me.”  John 10:27

     In a post, entitled “Which Sheep Are You?” (February 4, 2011), I talked about my figure of Jesus The Shepherd and the three sheep that I have come to know as The Lost But Found, The Lover of Life, and a third called The Defender.  Today I am sharing another post about about these sheep from Journey Through The Stillness.  (My personal spiritual journal.)

July 6, 2010 As I enter The Stillness today, I am looking at my figure of Jesus, The Shepherd.  I find myself asking Him, “Jesus, which one do you love more?  Is it the sheep you hold so tenderly in your arms, who was lost and then found?  Is it the sheep who sits quietly at your feet continually loving you and longing to be in your love?  Or is it the sheep standing by your side ready, willing, and able to do battle for you, to defend you at all costs?  Tell me, Lord, which do you love the most?  Which should I strive to be?”  In a most loving, tender voice, He says, “Martha, it is possible to be all three.  At different times in your life you have been each, have you not?” … “Being lost can be for a moment, an hour, years, or a lifetime.  It can be as small as a minor transgression, an emotional weakness, a failure to look, or to act, or it can be outright denial of Me.  Being found, on the other hand, is as simple and quick as a glance in my direction, a look of longing, a look of need, a look of love.  Remember, there is a time, a season, to everything.  Simply put, your life is a journey to Me.  Simply put, the meaning of life IS Me.  Once you have Me, fight to keep Me; defend Me, then, bask in love of Me and from Me.  To answer your question, Martha, I love each of my sheep equally, totally.  Have I not given everything for each and every one of them?  You already know this, Martha.  But, you and all others want to hear, need to hear, that I love you NOW, that I love you exactly where you are in your journey now, exactly who you are now.  If there is work that needs to be done in you, WE will do it together.  Again, not one inch too much. Trust in Me.”

     Without having been lost; without having been found; without having to defend my faith, I would never be able to completely fathom what it means to bask in His love!

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