Battlefield Of The Soul

Bernini's Holy Spirit at Saint Peter's Basilica

Bernini’s Holy Spirit at Saint Peter’s Basilica, Rome, Italy, 2011

“You have to see your inner lives are all they should be, and then the work is accomplished.  Not in rushing and striving on the material plane, but on the battlefield of the Soul are these things won.”  (Excerpt from God Calling, A.J. Russell, January 30th entry.) 

     Love, Joy, and Peace are fruits of the Spirit.  They are the internal longing of our souls and can only be achieved by looking inward and seeking Jesus there within.  Many seek Love, Peace, and Joy from worldly goods and worldly acclaim.  Because it does not come from Jesus within us, it is superficial and fleeting.

     Our soul is wise beyond worldly measure.  It seeks out Truth and longs to be one with it.  It remains in constant battle with our brain, in constant turmoil, when its longing goes unfulfilled or ignored.  When Satan realizes there is a battle raging he jumps on the battlefield to lead the charge for the army of world.  He throws every temptation and enticement at us.  He seeks to destroy the longing of our soul for Truth and replace it with a longing for the spoils of sin.  As this battle between Satan, the world, and the soul rages on, our soul desperately seeks wisdom, a path to follow, and a light to guide it.  Even with its intense longing, the soul cannot win the battle alone.  Jesus, the soul’s creator, must be at its side, and must be invited to be there.

     If the world is greatly tempting you lately, recognize it as Satan.  Invite Jesus into your heart ask Him to lead the charge on the battlefield of your soul.  Satan is powerless against Him, but all conquering when we push Jesus aside or block Him from entering.   Love, Peace, and Joy are consolations of His Spirit only to be found within, and only on the battlefield of the soul are they won.

     From the same entry in God Calling“Love, Joy, Peace, welcome these.  Let no personal feelings, no thoughts of self banish these.  Singly, they are miracle-producing in a life, but together, they can comman all that is needed on the physical, mental and spiritual planes. … It is in these wonder-realm attributes, all succes lies.” 

     Seek His Spirit within and accept His consolations.  Win on the battlefield of your soul.

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