Church, A Leper Colony

Taken in Vatican Museum, 2012, by Martha Wiggins

Taken in Vatican Museum, 2012, by Martha Wiggins


 “A leper came to him begging him, and kneeling he said to him, “If you choose, you can make me clean.”  Mark 1:40

     In today’s society there are many forms of being a leper.  Being a Catholic or a Christian in some instances and in some cultures has become a major one.  There are groups and forces working hard to push Catholics and Christians into their churches and bar the doors.  They would have our churches become our leper colonies, whereby we will not be allowed out if any Christian spots are visible on us.  They would have it that no prayers are heard outside the church walls, no crosses or Christian symbols of any kind worn on our bodies, hung in public places, or mentioned in our schools and government.  They would have all others view us as lepers to be avoided at all costs, lest we infect them with feelings of guilt over their secular ways.  Being a Catholic or a Christian can be downright uncomfortable at times.

      This is actually nothing new.  It has been this way since the dawn of Christianity, since the death of Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior of all who claim He is so.  Catholics were persecuted, shunned, and segregated from both the Jews and the pagans simply because they proclaimed their belief in Christ and dared to share Him with others.    Today, just as the leper in Mark 1:40, we must drop down on our knees and cry out to God.  We must ask Him for complete healing and forgiveness through His Son, Jesus Christ.  Then we must proclaim His Glory to all, trusting that we shall be vindicated in the final Judgment and then find ourselves in that great leper colony in the sky, with all the angels and saints, singing His praises forever in Life Eternal.

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