There is no Name but JESUS. No other name or being has the power to restore you, or has what you need, no matter the circumstances or the consequences. JESUS is for you, on your side, no matter your shortcomings and failures, no matter your guilt. All you need to say, or breathe, is His Name, JESUS. It is sufficient. It manifests all of His Power.

I write this morning, paused in my prayers, because I feel His strong will in me to do so. I’ve learned never to ignore that leading.

While looking through and praying some of my favorites, I came upon one I had saved from social media. It is a simple way of prayer, of ‘one-liners’ that can become a simple way to have His Most Holy Name become an important part of our everyday routine. It started out by simply saying or thinking ‘JESUS I love you’ as our mind awakens each morning. And then, ‘JESUS come with me’, as we leave our house. The little prayers went on with other simple ways of including him, such as ‘JESUS hug me’, when we are feeling hurt, anxious, or depressed.

I love the simplicity of these little prayers and the ease with which anyone can incorporate them into their life and daily routine no matter how jammed packed or lonely it may be. As I read through it, I was telling myself I would like to be better at saying or breathing His Name way more often than I already do throughout my day. If for no other reason than to refocus or recenter myself in Him as I transition activities.
These little prayers go well beyond a morning prayer offering up everything in our day to to Him. While that is an important step and prayer for each day, these little ‘one-liners’ become a very real extension of that morning offering with repeated simple invitations to Him to be present in our daily activities in a way that is more of a companionship. They become a way of never stepping out of our comfort zone without a dear one holding our hand and saying let’s do this! WE can do this!

These ‘one-liners’ also become a way of never crying or suffering alone, because the moment you utter or just breathe His Name and say ‘Comfort me’ or ‘Hug me’ you will have done all you can do in that moment to activate His presence in your situation. He is truly always present, and with you, but by calling upon Him to meet your need you are turning on your mind to Him; not the reverse as He is already there. You are now inviting, but also letting Him, allowing Him to access to your situation. You are now present yourself, instead of flailing or wallowing uncontrollably. You have held your hand out and He has taken it. He will calm you. He will fight your battles with you.

I know I am taking just a simple routine prayer and expanding on it. As I said, I feel He is prompting me to do so. One reason is when I read about that way of praying this morning my first thought was it left out ‘thank you’. Thankfulness is the key to true joy and peace in our personal lives. He tells us we are to be thankful even on the gray days of our lives, even through illness, even through sufferings and loss. It’s often a tall order, sometimes seemingly beyond our human capabilities. The name JESUS, though, is the name above all others, and a thankful heart will always open the door to His Heart in a special way over many other virtues. His forgiveness and mercy are ever there when we are earnestly repentant, but when we, a creation of His Hands, thank Him in times of great personal testing, He increases our Faith, our Strength, our Hope.

To add even more oomph to these little prayers, I would like to go a step further in using the name of JESUS paired with some of His Hebrew Names referring to His powerful character attributes. (Some of you may have followed along (2020) in my Lenten Study on the Hebrew Names of Jesus.) I would like to show you a way to implement (if you choose to do so) this simple way of praying in a much more in depth way. Here I will take each example given in that prayer article and give you some tools (by using some of the names from the study) to make it even more meaningful for you and greatly pleasing to our LORD.
What if you arise each morning saying, breathing, or thinking, “JESUS, Elohim, thank you for my being. I love you.”
Elohim means three in one, The Triune Godhead who created all in existence. You have just honored Him in a profound yet simple way. What better way to start off your day centering yourself and linking up with the One who created you. And, how much simpler can it get for our busy lives.
Now, imagine leaving your house each morning and saying ‘JESUS, Jehovah-nissi, come with me and thank you for setting your Banner before me’.
Jehovah-nissi, The Lord Is My Banner, is your shield, the colors under which you fight in battle. With this simple prayer as you are leaving your ‘fortress’ each day, you are calling Him to be your Flag-bearer, to raise His flag high that you might keep it ever in sight and follow only Him throughout your day. You may never see the darts He deflects from your path as your Standard-bearer, but you have already thanked Him for doing so.

When you fail Him in sin, and we all do, pray, ‘JESUS, El Elyon, Forgive me and thank you for protecting me from Satan.’
El Elyon, is The God Most High, who didn’t allow Satan full reign over Job, who turned evil into good after Joseph was sold into slavery. His plans for you will not be thwarted by your puny self. Call upon Him in repentance and thankfulness with love in your heart.

And when you cry, when you are hurting, anxious, depressed, or sleepless in the night, how do you call upon him? There are multiple Names you could choose to call upon Him. One example might be, ‘JESUS, Jehovah-Rapha, hug me with your healing touch and thank you caring about me.’
Jehovah-rapha is the God Who Heals, no matter what needs healing. He will bind your wounds.

Depending on circumstances you might also pray, ‘JESUS, El Roi, thank you for seeing with your righteous eyes what I cannot. Justice is Yours.’
El Roi is the God Who Sees, even when we cannot. He sees all the injustices and all the abuses committed against innocents. He sees your family members when away from you. He knows all, and says firmly that righteous Justice will be His in the end.

At the end of your day as you lay your head on your pillow, will your thoughts to turn to Him and pray, ‘JESUS, Jehovah-raah, cover me with your mantle while I sleep and thank you for being my Good Shepherd.’
Jehovah-raah, is The LORD My Shepherd who leads the Way. He will not forsake you.

And one last one here from me. Jehovah-shammah, The LORD Is There, is a beautiful name to remember anytime you feel unsure of your next step or where your path is leading. He is already there! Pray ‘JESUS, Jehovah-shammah, I will go where you lead me. Thank you for lighting my way.’

I hope this helps some who may be struggling with calling upon the various names of JESUS in a way that relates to everyday life. Or, that it adds another dimension, maybe a new invigorating addition, to those who already have the blessing of a rich prayer life .
I realize it takes work on our part to remain in faithful prayer and linked to our Lord and Savior throughout the daily grind. I also realize the rewards for such efforts are tremendous!

God Bless us one and all as we each strive to live in His Will for our lives. Thank you for reading and praying with me.

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