A New Dawn of Light Filled Love

“In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” (John 1:4-5).

A New Dawn of Light Filled Love

Recently I have been reading an entry for each corresponding day in one of my past journals from “Journey Through The Stillness”.  At times it’s really an eye opener, reminding me of where I have been spiritually, and also serving as a renewed catalyst to accept and act according to His plan. His direct instructions have always been for me to share Him with you, with all of you.

In the beginning He had to admonish me fairly often, and still does at times. When I am fearful, doubtful, or even embarrassed about obeying His instructions to share Him publicly by writing, He reminds me in a very pointed and direct manner that I am His daughter and what daughter would not speak out on her Father’s behalf when asked. That hits home hard every time He has to bring it up. However, He does so in a very insistent yet very loving manner, letting me know He is ever there with me through it all. He gives me the tools, the words, and the confidence to do as He bids me. He takes all control out of my hands by telling me I am to leave the outcome, and its effect on each of you, in His Loving Hands. Even though I personally experience and write about my time spent in Stillness before Him, the sharing is never about me. In my time before Him, I have gotten ‘what’ is for me. Sharing is always only about HIM and YOU, even if I’m sharing something about me. LOL, I hope that makes sense. He wants to use my writing to stir a particular spiritual need or calling within you.

In fact, sharing can at times become a personal stumbling block for me, as I love to write. I have to remain (aka work hard at) humbly in awe of the words He has me write and not take excessive pride or ownership of any of it. Telling you this, serves to keep me honest, and shows you I also have faults and failures that must be rooted out just as we all do. We are each on the faith journey of this earthly life individually and yet together. We need each other to discover the many paths to the One True Way, Jesus.

Some days, when I revisit past Stillness entries, I can hardly read through my tears as I remember and relive the spiritual consolations given me. Other days it’s like hitting myself on the forehead realizing the simplicity of His lesson. I often want to leap up and share that exact entry again with everyone. Although I have learned to wait and see if that is what He truly wants at that moment, or if there is a broader picture He has in mind. LOL, it’s usually the latter of the two. I try very hard to temper my enthusiastic desire to please Him with my hard learned patience in His Ways.

Yesterday, I had an early doctor appointment and didn’t read. So today, I read two entries. Often, over the years, and after going through His Passion during Lent, He has to remind me to come back to the Joy, to let Him down off the Cross. He wants that message shared, so the following are those two separate, back to back entries from 2011, in “Journey Through The Stillness”, my personal spiritual journal.

April 28, 2011 – My Risen Lord says, “See how brightly shining I am in My Glory! You and everyone can shine too. Choose to come out of the darkness into The Light. Come toward Me, The Light, The One True Light. Come and be lit up for all to SEE. Those who SEE will be lit up and it will spread as a new dawn over all the earth. LOOK, SEE, Be Lit, and LIGHT!”

April 29, 2011 – My Risen Lord says, “Daughter, patience and lovingkindness are the Keys to bringing others to me. Love them where they are, as they are, and who they are. Let them feel My Love through you. They will know Me.”

What personally speaks to me in these two entries is the simplicity of them. I love how in the first, if we but go toward Him we will begin to light. He knows our desire. He sees our heart. Lean toward Him this very minute and begin to be Lit.

In the second, I love how simply He tells us to love each other just as we are. You are not mine to fix or control, and I am not yours to do so. We are simply to love and leave the outcome, the effect of that love, in His Loving Hands.
I know sometimes others, or even ourselves, are so broken in a myriad of ways that they or we need fixing. (depression, drug or alcohol addiction, are some examples)
The above does not mean we don’t try to help them. We do, and then through diligent and incessant prayer, we must leave them in God’s Capable and Loving Hands.

Today, He needs you to see how in allowing Himself to be Crucified, He both forgave and paid the price for all sins from the beginning of time to the end of time; for every sin you, I, and all of mankind, have already committed, are currently committing, and will ever commit!

Today, He wants you to know we each have a choice each and every day. We can hide and fearfully cower in the darkness or we can choose to be part of His glorious ‘New Dawn’ of Light and Love spreading over all the earth.

If you are unsure how to begin, start simply by leaning toward His Light and whispering to Him that you desire to love others without trying to change them. I promise, no HE PROMISES to be with you each step you take.

A New Dawn of Light Filled Love spreading over all the earth… Oh how in need our earth and We, His People, are.
God bless you, one and all.


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