Stepping Out In Faith

“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”  1 Corinthians 2:9

     When we step out, we leave our comfort zone; we head into the unknown.  When we have faith, we trust, we expect.  When we step out in faith, we venture forth with the expectation that all will end well.  This doesn’t mean that we will have completely smooth sailing along our journey, in fact, it may be quite bumpy!

     Publicly sharing my personal spiritual journal on Facebook was a major step out in faith for me.  At first, I fought the idea of it, but He continued prompting me to do it, to the point I could no longer ignore Him.  One of the entries recorded in my journal reads, “Don’t be average.  Take the talents I have given you and put them out there for all to see.  Then, STEP BACK, letting go, and watch as others come to ME.”  After I began the group page on Facebook, Journey Through The Stillness, He again let me know this was what He wanted.  I knew I was following His will.   

     Stepping out in faith does not mean that we do so unprepared, or haphazardly.  We take necessary precautions and plan using the wisdom, knowledge and resources at our disposal.  We do everything humanly possible to ensure our success, but how do we ensure God is with us, that we are fulfilling His plan for our life? 

     The best way to know if we are stepping out according to His will is to ask ourselves some simple questions.  Does it serve a higher purpose?  Does it take away from your main vocation?  For instance, if you are a wife and mother, or husband and father, does it prevent you from serving your family and providing for their needs?  Does it hinder or hurt someone?  Does it foster or promote goodwill to others?   Most important of all, did you ask God if He wants you to do it? And, when you did, did you wait for an answer?  His prompting may not always be with words.  It may simply be a thought, an idea, or an urge so strong it cannot be denied.  It will continually present itself.

     If you can answer basic questions like the above, and have asked God to send His Holy Spirit upon you to direct your path, then you are ready to venture forth; to step out in faith.  If God is leading you, open your heart and go forward, unafraid.  You may have some normal doubts, but if it is right, you will have an overall peaceful feeling about it. 

     Remember, the road may be bumpy.  But, if you are sincerely seeking His will, His plan for your life, even if you make a mistake, He will guide you to what He is truly asking of you.  The outcome will be even better than you expected!

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